How do I know which wheel I need?
Please visit to find the exact size wheel needed.

How do I know the wheel will fit?
Wheel Fitment Guide

How do I confirm fitment?
  • Bolt Pattern – Currently, Road Ready offers 4 Lug, 5 Lug, 6 Lug, 8 Lug, and 10 Lug wheels that all need to be verified against Original Equipment specifications.
  • Centerbore (CBD) – In most cases, the wheel must fit the hub of the vehicle exactly, either as a direct fit or with the modifications utilizing centering rings. All of our wheels are guaranteed to fit the hub and CBD specs are included in the product listing pages.
  • Load Capacity – The wheel must have enough load capacity when compared to the gross axle weight rating of the vehicle, these are verified by our manufacturer.
  • Lug Hardware – Make sure to use your Original Equipment hardware to ensure the wheel is securely fastened to the vehicle.
  • Suspension Clearance – The wheel must clear and not interfere with any of the suspension components and their operation on the vehicle- this includes calipers, rotors, and other critical suspension parts.
How do I know which wheel I need?
The offset of a wheel is the distance from its hub mounting surface to the centerline of the wheel.

Will my Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) sensor work?
Yes, our wheels will integrate with all TPMS sensors. A vehicle’s Original Equipment sensors can be used with new wheels. The installer will need to remove the sensors from the previous wheels and install them on the new wheel.

What happens if I don't have TMPS sensors?
It depends on the vehicle. If a sensor is not installed with your new wheel or the system is not working correctly, most vehicles’ TPMS warning lights will flash in the dash then stay illuminated until the TPMS problem is fixed and sensors are installed on the vehicle and registered to it. Check with your vehicle owner’s manual for information regarding your vehicle.

What is your return policy?
Please click here to view Road Ready’s hassle-free return policy.

Will your wheels fit with my current hubcap?
Our wheels are designed to work with all Original Equipment and aftermarket hubcaps. That being said, there are some situations where the placement of the valve system can differ from the Original Equipment, and therefore may not fit the hubcap completely. We have hassle-free return policy (add link) in case you have any issues or concerns over the fit with your hubcap.

What is the quality of wheel?
All of our wheels are manufactured with the highest quality premium grade steel. These are precision made replicas by DOT-approved ISO-9000 manufacturers. The wheels go through rigorous testing before being approved for sale.

When will I get my product?
Please click here to view Road Ready’s shipping policy.


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